Sunday, January 23, 2011

Keeping up with the blog.... And what? Another potluck???

Well, not much has been happening in my life lately other than the usual mundane everyday stuff. You know how it is with laziness - once it sets in, you get comfortable with it :) I've been religiously taking photos of my everyday @ work outfits on facebook. Partly I think is because it's a no brainer. Take a few shots, pick the one I like, edit a little bit on Photoshop with some nice actions that I use a lot and publish - and we're done! Blogging, well, it requires a lot of time and of thinking and reflecting, which when you're busy, you just don't have time for.

I do update the blog with cute and sweet conversations I've had with Sofia. Those are so precious that I want to always remember them!

So anyway, tomorrow is potluck time again :) I know, too much potluck lately. There's another one coming up next week too! But tomorrow, it will be a "manager's potluck". Basically, managers at Syaf's work are coming. Don't ask me why! Don't they spend enough time at work together already? LOL.. I'm just as guilty though. My potluck next week is with my co-workers. We had a potluck last year and it was soo much fun. We even bellydanced! What would a potluck mean to me? Well, I would have to spend the morning cleaning, which is my least favorite thing to do especially on a weekend!

Here's an UPDATE...

I don't look too happy cleaning the bathroom LOL.. who would be? there are still 3 more to do :(

scenes from the potluck 1

scenes from the potluck 2
We didn't take a lot of pics from this potluck. I wasn't in the mood to be a papparazzi that night. I was too too tired to even mingle. And since there were no kids, I pretty much had to stay with Sofia the whole time. I was hoping she would go to sleep early so that I could karaoke with the rest downstairs. But by the time she had gone to bed, most of the guests had gone home LOL... So what did I do? What else, stalk fashion bloggers hahahaha....

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