Thursday, January 27, 2011

Outfit #15

{maxi dress: Old Navy | denim blazer: RW&Co. | costume jewelry: Napier, Smart Set | shoes: Suzy Shier | bag: Louis Vuitton}

I am so behind on my outfit posting. I'm posting three outfit posts today but I cheated and manipulated the "Post Options" so that they post on the day that I wore them! Apparently, I have a life other than this whole blogging thing..LOL Not that it's that much exciting. It's the daily grind of work from 9-5, then I pick up my daughter from her dayhome, and we go home. I'm also the type who likes to bring work home. I have been trying to avoid it so that I can spend more time with my daughter, but when you've got deadlines to meet.. sigh! Why did I pick bean counting as a career???

I came across Kendi Everyday today and I was reading her posts on 30 for 30 Remix. I'm soooo tempted to sign up. The only thing that's holding me back is the no shopping for 30 days rule. I don't know if I can avoid shopping for that long. I'm too much of a shopaholic and I pride myself on being a bargain hunter. How can I even begin? At this point, I know I'd be setting myself up for failure. That said, I love the whole idea of the remix. With a day to make such a decision, I think I'm going to participate next time. But I will prepare myself for it. I will try to be hmmm....shall we just say watch where my money goes :P

Today, I wanted to wear this black Old Navy maxi dress that I bought off a friend of mine for a whopping $13. She had purchased it for herself without trying it on. When she got home and tried it, she said it made her look pregnant so she asked if I wanted it to save time from going back to the store to return it. I thought, well, $13 for a linen maxi dress, sure, why not? I wore a denim blazer with it just because I wanted to take my denim LV bag out for a much needed walk out on the town -- well, in my case, the office :P Well, daughter's in bed and husband's passed out on the couch, I'm off to work on those darned financial statements!

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