Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy belated birthday, Ann

It was my sister's birthday on January 20th but she was swamped with school and begged off from dinner plans last weekend. So after that awesome shopping day I just had today, I called her and asked if she felt like going out for dinner. She wasn't that enthusiastic but said yes anyway, probably because she didn't want to blow us off again. She still had a presentation this Monday. I definitely don't miss the student life lol... My mom on the other hand, took a shower right away and was waiting for us outside by the time we picked them up! She doesn't get to go out in a fancy restaurant all the time. Does the fact that she brought her camera along to dinner an indication of how excited she was? lol...

Anyway, I wanted to share some pics of our dinner at Ric's Grill. Word of warning: if you're dieting and/or trying to lose weight, stop reading now! Following next will reveal some scrumptious, mouth watering dishes and I'm afraid you might fall off the wagon and blame me for it! Hahaha... But before you leave, leave me a sweet comment to say you stopped by ok? lol....

happy belated birthday, Ann!

my beautiful mom! one day when i grow up, i want to be exactly like you! lol

i don't know how many outtakes we had of these, where syaf always had his eyes half-closed. said the flash bothered him...outtake no. 1

again with the eyes... he calls them his bedroom eyes lol...outtake no. 2

to solve this problem, he said he'll open his eyes 1.5 times bigger so by the time the flash came, it will be just right.
this was the result! lol

ann with sofia... well what do u know? like dad, like daughter.. eyes half-closed as well. ann and i don't have that problem :P

aha.. no wonder mom always takes horrible pictures of me! she takes them with eyes closed! caught red-handed you!

syaf's roasted lamb. it was gooooood! and coming from someone who refuses to eat lamb, that says a lot! the meat was sooo sooooo tasty.. but i still felt the gamey taste at the end.. if they could figure how to make that go away, i'd order this for myself :)

for myself, i chose the filet mignon with bernaise sauce. it was a good choice and i always always pick something with bacon on it lol...

ann picked the same thing as me :) great minds think alike!

mom had the chicken with scallops and shrimp in a mushroom-y sauce. it was delicious too! next time, i will order this.

apparently, the first pic of her food didn't look good enough because it was missing her hermes-clad hand lol...

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