Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Outfit #14

{black turtleneck: Lacoste | skirt: Old Navy | belt: Reitman's | boots: Aldo | tights: Winner's | bag: Chanel | accessories: Le Chateau, Napier, LA Express}

 I see some followers and I'm happily surprised :) I originally meant to create this blog just for me as a means of documenting myself and my personal style and well, everything about my life I want to journal about. But the fact that someone else other than me is also interested is mind boggling to me LOL... From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much to my readers! A big shout out to those who took the time to write comments too! You guys inspire me and I do appreciate them... Keep 'em coming!

I wore my tall lace-up boots and am getting rave reviews on them from people at work! They are, I don't mind saying it, HOT!!! LOL... The heels are a bit hard for me to walk in as I'm not used to wearing this high of heels. That only means I should wear them more often. I need to get more mileage out of them. All $63 worth of them! hahahaha... To make my boots stand out, I wore something simple. I just threw on a simple black turtleneck shirt and a purple skirt. Everyday at work, the girls (the ones who care to dress nice to work) go to each others' desks/offices and check each other out! We all show off our outfits, anything we bought new, and we call each other "hey, hot stuff" LOL! It really makes my day... And I love it when people around me are also looking nice! Anyway, after looking at myself in the mirror during a bathroom break, I started feeling that my fingers needed to get more accessorized. I need those chunky rings!!! A simple yet one that will make a bold statement! So at lunch, off I went with my co-workers hunting for the perfect ring! By perfect, I also mean cheap LOL... Long story short, I bought this chunky ring with a purple gem (but plastic) on it. I think it's a perfect fit for today's outfit, and at a sale price of $2.99, what could be more perfect??

With mission accomplished, I'm finally happy with my outfit today. And yeah, it's almost time to go home hahaha... No one's even seen them yet. I better go and make the rounds and show off my ring before everyone leaves LOL..

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  1. cuuuuute boots!! thanks for stopping by my blog! i think i'm going to give myself a challenge to go to more gym classes, i never expected so many responses, but it seems zumba is really popular! i'm gonna give it a shot. :)