Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm giving blogging another shot

I love the idea of blogging. In fact, I spend quite a portion of my day just reading blogs -- about style and fashion, digital scrapbooking, digital photography, DIY parties -- to name a few. So it's surprising I don't have one of my own. Not that I have a lot to say. This blog doesn't really have a direction yet. To start, I'll talk about the daily grunge of life, my awesome family, daily outfits, digital scrapbooking. Hmm, what else? Yikes, I better not get too ambitious here :)

Daily grunge of life... well, because it's too exciting to talk about :) NOT!

My awesome family... because I do think they are amazing!!! My husband is my hero and my daughter, my heroine :)

Daily outfits... I love dressing up! Absolutely love it! And I am addicted to bargain hunting for clothes, shoes, and accessories. By no means am I claiming to be a fashionista. Heck no! I hate the word and cringe at the thought! But I certainly get a kick out of finding clothes that are dirt cheap and still manage to make me look like a million bucks! :P What can I say? Shopping gives me a high LOL...

Digital scrapbooking... my ultimate hobby although it's been put in the backburner for now because it's a lot of work and life with a 3 year old is just too darned busy.

Now as for the title... This isn't my first blog. I used to have a blog that was about being mom to my daughter. At the time I was on maternity leave and in a way, lost myself to motherhood :) I lived, ate and breathed for my DD alone. And the blog was all about her... A year after staying home with her, I went back to work. I gradually changed back to being me and myself again. Of course, with a new added role as a mother :D

I hope I can keep up with this resolution -- this whole blogging thing. Life is busy enough without it. Besides, I really hate to use the words "new year's resolution", but for lack of a better term, we'll use this somewhat universal phrase. I just have to focus on the reward - that I am able to look back to any day of the past and relive my thoughts and inspirations of that point in time. I am big on documenting and our two year old Canon Rebel T1I has had more than 4,000 shots in it. But in terms of keeping notes about what those photos are about, I have zilch! I was better at journaling when DD was younger and I was on maternity leave. Now, they just get stored in my defective memory card of a brain :P Defective being the operative word! Forget about keeping a notebook - in paper or digital form. I should mention that I have four laptops I use alternately from. My sporadic journaling was spread out everywhere that keeping tabs of where's what was too much work. I decided to forget it! Blogging seems to be the perfect solution... or at least that's what I think.

And that's all I can think about for now. I hear DH calling me for lunch. Ciao!

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