Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gaga over lace up boots

I finally found the shoes I've been looking for - brown lace-up boots. Yes, I'm still shoes hunting hehehe... When do I ever stop? Anyway, I digress. Let's go back to the shoes. The price wasn't bad. It's still on sale and same price as boxing day. Sale plus an extra 30% off, so it turns out to be $62.99. Not bad for a tall leather boots huh? I signed up for another account to get an extra 10% off LOL! Hey, every dollar counts, right? The shoes is called McDade. I'm also going to check out this one called Levoros which is a mid cut boots and has a treaded sole for a more casual look. The front is a bit too rounded for me though but it looks really good. This one is more expensive though, $90.99. It seems to me that McDade is a better value but we will see. There's only one McDade left in Calgary in my size and I have to get it all the way in Shawnessy area, way far in the SE/SW. Aldo doesn't do store to store transfers apparently if there's not enough quantity of the shoes left. How screwy is that! Anyway, I want the boots so bad so off I will go to Shawnessy tomorrow. Here's a look at the boots...

McDade @ $62.99 on sale

Lecaros @ $90.99 on sale

Yummy, isn't it???? There are still some clearance stuff left in the stores and I've been bargain hunting for accessories. Today at lunch, I went with my co-workers to Market Mall for the purpose of going to Aldo to try on the McDade and the Lecaros. But along the way, we stopped by Smart Set and I bought a few nice things :) They were mostly costume jewelry necklaces and some belts. They were $3.99 plus an extra 25% off LOL.. These are the kinds of deals I like! Dirt cheap hahahaha....
I'll wear them on my outfit posts next time to show you. For now, it's soooo time to hit the sack. It's 4AM!!! I fell asleep on the couch for a couple of hours and woke up at 1AM so I was wide awake. But now, my sheets are calling out for me. And so is my husband's snoring ;) LOL... Good morning!


  1. amazing boots!
    thank you for the comment on my blog!

  2. loving the second pair of lace up boots! very chic!

  3. thnx for the sweet comment:)

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