Thursday, January 13, 2011

The album called "everyday @ work"

I started posting my daily outfits on Facebook again. I have this album called "everyday @ work" which I started in June 2010 and I've been religiously posting daily outfits for work. Somewhere along the way, I lost steam, lost interest. The last post before today was Sep. 30, 2010. So yeah, I've abandoned it for quite some time now. But now, I'm back with a vengeance so to speak. I'm so inspired by all these fashion blogs that I've subscribed to and besides, since I'm blogging it and editing photos anyway, I thought, hey might as well :) I know some people might be annoyed; some people will be glad, and some will start stalking LOL... For the ones who are annoyed, they can unfriend me for all I care! For those who are glad and are stalking, well, I'm just glad I've inspired them. Hopefully, they get cracking on going through their wardrobe and make some good effort in trying to look good everyday. I for one, feel good when I look good. So, I like to go to work looking good. As of now, I have 550+ friends on Facebook. At first I was hesitant about posting daily outfits there, but then I have an I. Don't. Care. attitude. It just took over and I decided I will do whatever the hell it is I want to do with my page. Haters be damned! hahahaha...

On another note, I have a dental appointment tomorrow at 10AM so I really should work on those "external" financial statements tonight. Should I? I'm too lazy. Syaf is watching Eclipse in the basement and I should be joining him. So.... financial statements or Eclipse? Why am I even asking the question? LOL.... To the basement it is....

And with that, I say, Goodnight, world!

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