Thursday, January 13, 2011

Outfit #5

I had a photographer today - my hubby so the first photos are of me putting my shoes back on for the "photo shoot". I'm tired of the black and grey combination that I've been in the mood for lately. Winter does that to me. So today, without letting go of the black and grey colors, I wore a red turtleneck so it's not too monotonous! I'm wearing my new granny boots that I bought. They are still a little snug and it hurts a bit. Ouch! For the sake of vanity and style, and because I'm loving them so much, I didn't care! Besides, I have to keep wearing them to break them in, right? ;P Anyway, I found my lovely tights that had this diamond pattern that were oh so perfect for the shoes! The red turtleneck is short sleeved and so is the grey wrap so I put on my new favorite GAP cardigan. Layering is key when temperatures these days are in the -30s. Brrrrr!!!!

That's me getting ready for my "photo shoot" LOL...

Aren't these patterns just lovely???

What I'm wearing:
black cardigan from GAP
old grey wrap from I don't remember now :)
red turtleneck from Smart Set
belt from RW & Co. (actually it came with a shirt I bought)
tights from Payless Shoe Source
necklace from Reitman's
bracelet from Napier and Tiffany
boots from Feet First aka Locale (they changed names)

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