Thursday, January 20, 2011

Outfit #9

I had to go out for the IBM Cognos 10 launch here in Calgary, so I made it a point to look more business-like today. It's very rare for me to wear suits at work. In fact, this is probably the first time I wore one in this current company.

It's all about business at the IBM Cognos 10 launch

Took my Gucci Pelham for a walk today. It hasn't seen the sun in a long time!

Kept pulling the pants up to show my shoes :)

unsuccessfully trying to show detail of the inside blouse - frilly eyelet lace. very pretty!

detail of the belt. love it to pieces!

Sofia's turn. Not be outdone, of course!

In my previous job, when I showed up one morning in a suit, I got teased about whether I just came back from an interview. Maybe that was a way of spying whether I was moonlighting. Whatever the case may be, ie. whether I was moonlighting or not, I wouldn't want anyone to find out prematurely. So I never showed up in a suit after that :P

What I'm wearing:
dark brown suit from RW & Co.
belt from Ardene's
shoes from Nine West
Gucci Pelham bag

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