Monday, January 10, 2011

I need to get out of here

So after a whole day of being unproductive, I was ready to get out of the house. While it feels nice to just veg and do nothing, I don't want to feel like I wasted a whole day -- especially a weekend day :P As I sat on the La-Z-Boy pondering about this (because I always have to analyze everything LOL), the malls were already closed. And so that just left us with a trip to Wal-Mart hahaha... Besides, while I love all the leftovers from the potluck the previous night, I wanted to have some good 'ol greasy McDonald's anyway. Sofia couldn't be happier. She loves loves loves french fries!

As we were approaching McDonald's at Wal-Mart, our eyes  (Syaf and I) synched in to the new ad posted just outside of McD -- banana and chocolate pie!!! Brilliant idea! Why did they just think of it now? So instead of getting a burger, I opted for a chicken ranch wrap to save some room for dessert. Oh boy, was it ever worth it! It was so yummy and so creamy! For $1.99 for two, can't go wrong with that! Sofia practically ate 3/4 of the whole thing. Sofia ate the whole thing all by herself! Originally I thought it was 3/4 of it, but after looking through the photos, I saw the evidence hahaha... And that's after gobbling up some chicken fingers and french fries :) We couldn't resist but buy some for takeout too. So I better pace myself at dinner on Monday night. Gotta have some more of that creamy banana and chocolate pie...

Dinner is served :P

For sure Sofia is so happy she got away from the leftovers :) They were too flavourful for her...

My yummy bacon chicken wrap. Ya gotta love bacon and chicken!

Sampling the banana and chocolate pie...

... get a load of that!!!


She ate the whole pie!!! I thought she only had 3/4 of it! LOL

I would say the shopping experience was quite productive. I've been wanting to get some new pajamas for myself and Sofia. While I couldn't find one for her because the sizes were too big, I found 3 sets for me... in the kids' section for a whopping $5 per set!!! If I bought them at the adult section, they would have cost me $10 on sale LOL...Awesome deal eh? If you can fit a kid size 14 to 16, definitely check in the kids' section first. I'm soooo glad I did!

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