Saturday, January 8, 2011

A lazy Saturday morning... Well... not so much...

Saturday morning, I woke up to howling winds and a winter wonderland :( It's January. I shouldn't be surprised. I wanted to finish reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and move on to the next book. As I was curling myself in the La-Z-boy, I hear Sofia calling me through the monitor, so that became a lost cause. I love it when I hear her calling out for me, but that also means no more "me" time. I promised her the night before that I'll give her Nesquik chocolate cereal for breakfast. She asked for it at dinner last night and that was of course a big no no!

Wow, look at that! Feeding herself :) Ate the chocolate puffs to the very last piece!

She wanted to drink her milk from her "princess bowl." But then she said she is a cat and apparently had to drink her milk this way... So goofy LOL...

And here are some shots of Sofia and her Papa. Sofia put on her Santa mask and tells Syaf, "Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!" and even changed her voice to try to resemble Santa's. She was hilarious and so adorable!

Sofia as Santa

Papa with "Santa" and the presents he got from "him" :P

And then we got down to serious business. Syaf's work team and their families were coming over for a potluck party that night so we had to clean the house. Little Miss "Can I help?" wasted no time in contributing her share to the workload :P

Her vacuum cleaner is way cooler than her Papa's :)

Sofia gettin' seriously down and dirty with the vacuuming. Perhaps we should just get her the real one. Might as well.... :P

And that was our err... not so lazy Saturday morning...

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