Sunday, January 23, 2011

My new lace-up boots comes home :)

So after convincing my husband that he needed to drive me to Shawnessy (about an hour away from home) to pick up shoes from Aldo, my new lace-up boots finally came home with me yesterday :) Thankfully,  convincing him wasn't that hard to do. He is such a sweetie and really puts up with me, a lot! And not only that, the boots came home with a sister :P I wasn't sure what Syaf would say. Two boots today after all that boxing week online ordering! He's been asking me lately that I've gone bonkers, that I've only got two feet and what would I do with so many shoes. Quite frankly, that's not the smartest question to ask a girl.. or a lady! LOL....

I am so giddy with excitement. Shopping gives me a high! Especially when they are good deals! I'm sure every girl will agree :P Ahh, I can't wait for the chance to wear them! Here they are, and they're all mine! hahahaha....

the McDade @ $62.99. Awesome deal for leather boots!

The McDade came home with a sister to get me ready for spring. Cost me CAD$74.98.

This was just because i like it! Very Chanel-ey and for a great price of CAD$17.50, I just couldn't resist!


  1. Their amazing! Lucky for you your husband wanted to go with you haha.

  2. I so envy you, amaaaaazing shoe and bag !! I'm following, plz follow back:)

  3. Some fantastic pieces love them all! Thanks for stopping by my Blog x

  4. Love the boots ! :)

  5. i love your lace-up boots! so happy to see a blogger
    from P. I. too! :-)