Sunday, January 23, 2011

Outfit #11

What I'm wearing:
blazer from RW & Co.
romper and belt from Banana Republic
Tights from Suzy Shier
bracelet from Napier
necklace from Reitman's

We attended a children's party today. I showed up in this outfit which I thought was a little overdressed for the occasion. Everyone else was in jeans and yoga attire. It was a girl's 1st birthday party so I thought people would dress up more. Oh well, I always would rather be overdressed and underdressed. These rompers are at least a year old and I've never worn it. I bought it two sizes two big but the blazer and the belt nicely covers it up :)


  1. I love the jumble of bracelets on your write! Actually, your entire outfit is pretty darn great.

    Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog. I
    am now following you back!

  2. cute! i love how the braid of your belt kind of mimics the print. and stacked bracelets? good for you...i'm not brave enough, but i think they look fantastic. and, yes, i see what you mean about how your hairstyle hides your ears. lucky girl!

  3. i love the print! this outfit is super look great!