Monday, January 17, 2011

Outfit #6

I had ordered so many boots from the past boxing week because they were doing free shipping and free returns. I figured why the heck not, I had nothing to lose :) So, this one I'm wearing today was ordered way back then. But about a week ago, I received the disappointing news by email that they had screwed up my order and the boots were nowhere to be found. I ordered 7 pairs from them, but this MINNICK boots were what I really wanted! Needless to say, I was really really disappointed. I had seen them at the stores when they first came out, but at $270, it was beyond my price range! This was around fall. By the time boxing week came, it had come down to $56!!! I wanted them so bad!

So when I went to CrossIron Mills to return some pairs I had bought online, I was so surprised to find the boots there. I had given up hope of finding them but there it was, on display!! I looked at the sole and it was a size 8. I told myself I better not get my hopes up as it could be a last pair. The sales associate came to me and I asked with a very hopeful face if they had a size 7. She said she will check in the back. When she came out and said here you go, I almost jumped for joy! LOL... When I wore them for the first time today, there was no pain at all! Truly, these boots were made for walking! And I'm so lucky to have found them... finally! And for the price I paid for, I couldn't be happier :P



What I'm wearing: 
grey blazer from RW & Co.
sheer top from Suzy Sheir (they're really old)
skinny pants from RW & Co.
belt from Banana Republic
tights from Payless Shoe Source
necklace from Haskell
boots from Feet First aka Locale (they changed names)
bag from Gucci

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