Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Outfit #24 and Day 7

{dress: Kensie | top: Sirens | cardigan: Reitman's | shoes: Aldo}

You could say I'm wearing the wrong outfit for the season. I've been wanting to wear this Kensie dress I recently bought for a really good deal. I blogged about this here. Anyhow, today I thought was a good day to wear it. Until I opened the garage door and realized it was snowing heavily the past night! Served me right for not checking the weather network! I really should do that! I wanted to change into a warmer, more weather appropriate outfit but no chance for that. I was already running late as it is! I still had to drop off Sofia at her dayhome. I only had time to change my open toed shoes into a winter boot. And I was out the door. But, I brought my booties to work. Winter boots was just not going to work with this springy getup lol... I covered it up with a remixed red cardigan and a purple top, which picked up the colors of the humongous beautiful flower that attracted me to this dress in the first place.

While at work, every person I met commented about my dress - that it was pretty but I'm wearing it at the wrong season. So I had to say the same story over and over again. In my defense, it was feeling a little springy the past few days before we got dumped with all this snow. We even braved one day and went out for a short walk without our coats. So people, I'm still sane up there. It was all just a misunderstanding between me and the weather :P

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  1. Ooh! Hot mama! I love this dress- and those shoes! I'll definitely be following your blog ;)