Friday, February 4, 2011

Outfit #21 and Day 4

{green top: Banana Republic | jeans: Taverniti SO | belt: Gucci | boots: Aldo}

Thank God it's Friday! And what a nice day it was too! After battling the cold cold weather and having been dumped with snow the past week, you have no idea how good it felt to feel the sunshine on my face when I went to go for a walk at lunch today, albeit it was only for a short moment. It made me feel so alive. Not to mention that I allowed myself to think that I looked sexy in my new Tavernitis today :P hahaha... I bought these new favorite from Beyond The for $59. After you count the shipping and taxes in, it was around $70+. It took roughly 5 weeks to get to me but I'm happy that I actually picked the right fit for me considering it was an online purchase.

Anyways, I usually stay up late on Friday nights but I guess this is not the Friday night for it. It's only 10:15PM and I'm already ready to hit the sack! I don't know why but I'm so tired. Anyway, off to bed... Oh right, there is the matter of the daughter who refuses to sleep. Sigh, I guess I better get to that too. Goodnight! :)


  1. aren't you absolutely adorable here! i want your lace-up boots. except i don't think they'd look as cute on my legs. anyways. your green top is awesome.

  2. Nice outfit! I love the boots!
    Claudia xxx

  3. Wow, that green is amazing!! and I love those boots! so glad I am not doing the challenge on the fly on my own!! We can be the remix spontaneous sisters!! LOL
    you look great!! happy weekend.. going out into the cold riding today.. brrrrr

  4. Loove them!

    Have a great (well, what's left of it), weekend and a great start into the new week! :)

  5. I have a heard time trying to
    wear green clothing, but you have surely did it well! I love it ^^
    Also nice boots aswell!

  6. The daughter completed the outfit. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too when you have time.


  7. you have the best boot collection!

  8. OK, I have a crush on your boots. GORGEOUS!
    Your little girl is adorable - love her stripes.

  9. I want to steal your belt! Love how brave you are with the bright jumper :-)