Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Outfit #19 and Day 2

{patterned b/w shirt: Ricki's | red cardigan: Reitman's | black skinny pants: RW&Co. | red pumps: Suzy Shier}

Ahh, the benefits of planning ahead of time :) I laid out my 30 items for the remix in a spare room and I'm telling you, it's so easy to pick when you have limited choices. I'm really enjoying this now! Mind you, the first day was quite a bit of an adjustment. I had the urge to go back to my actual closet and pick things from there. But I'm no cheater! Oh yeah, I haven't shown you my closet yet (I'm embarassed to.. lol) but it's packed to the brim! I have been telling myself to stop shopping because I have no space to put them in. So this morning, I had few choices than I would normally have. I basically just picked whatever caught my eye. Out of the 30 things, of course! I'm sure I'll feel differently once I feel that I've worn something way too many times hahahaha... It's a good thing I didn't submit my name to Kendi. I have the option to go back to my old routine. But that would also mean failing the test :( Oh my, the thought scares me. When I came to work, my co-worker  complimented me about my outfit. She said she never would have thought to wear the cardigan the way I'm wearing it now - opened and with a belt. And I said, me neither; until I started reading all these fashion blogs and stealing their ideas hahaha... So she said she'll learn from me, and I'll learn from the fashion blogs - yes, that's you! lol...

Today is going to be a lot of food. Lunch time is dimsum with co-workers and tonight, I'm having dinner with my family and mom and sister! We're going for prime rib buffet! Oh, why oh why didn't I include my buffet pants as part of my 30 remix? What??? You don't have buffet pants? Well, it's time you get one too :)

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  1. All these numbers in your post are going to get confusing ;)

    Love the black and red. And how you used the cardigan to make the print a little more subtle.

    The Auspicious Life