Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 2 only and I've fallen off the wagon :)

I went to take my boots for repair at the mall right after work yesterday. Big mistake! As I come out of the shop, I saw this beautiful Kensie maxi dress hanging by the clearance rack outside of a rather expensive store for $20!!! I couldn't help but gravitate towards it. As I rummaged through the $20 rack, I saw this floral print grey blazer too. I told myself I'm in trouble now! I took the dress off the rack, brought it inside and tried it on. Perfect fit! The salesperson then asked if I wanted to try the blazer on too. I said it wasn't my size, but she had already brought it in so I thought, fine what the hey. Have you ever fallen off the wagon twice? lol... Day 2 and I've gone shopping. I knew it wasn't going to work for me - this whole shopping ban for 30 days. It will only work if there we no deals to be had. But that I have no control over especially since it's just February and there are so many clearance sales happening. So there you have it, folks! I am weak.. very very weak lol... Am I happy with these purchases? Hell yeah! Besides, I never committed to the shopping ban anyway ;)

perfect spring jacket if you ask me ;) - $20

don't you just love that humungous flower? - $20
 I knew that if I didn't buy these, I wouldn't be sleeping last night lol.. I guess when you can't sleep at night over a dress and a blazer, you've got bigger issues than falling off the wagon huh?

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