Sunday, February 6, 2011

Outfit #22 and Day 5

{cardigan: GAP | top and scarf: RW&Co. | jeans: Taverniti | belt: Smart Set | shoes: Jessica}

I'm posting this very very late. I didn't have time to upload pics because we were busy the past weekend. Out the door by 10AM on a Saturday is quite rare. We were trying to make it to the breakfast deal at T. Pot. I'm a slowpoke in the morning and hubby was all "c'mon, hurry hurry, or we're not going to make it!" non-stop to me all morning. So taking a photo was out of the question. Anyway, it was a wasted effort. When we got there, we realized Hongkong-style breakfasts available at other Chinese restaurants in downtown Calgary, is not available in this one. So we had dimsum instead. When hubby has had some grubs, he's all happy and will say yes to anything - including shopping :) We planned to go to the newly renovated Chinook mall. Well, it's not that new anymore. They had a grand reopening before Christmas and believe it or not, I haven't seen it yet! I know, even my mom can't believe I haven't gone to see it. But ever since Crossirons Mill outlet mall opened, I always just go to that one because I know I'll always get good deals there. No use going to a mall and spending hours there when I know I could get stuff cheaper elsewhere. But since I didn't plan on buying anything, I thought it would be a good time to see it. Hubby said he wanted to go to Mexx at Deerfoot Mall which is another outlet mall, only smaller. He said it will be an in and out kind of shopping. He just wanted to get some baby stuff for his brother who's wife is having a baby this month. When we parked, I saw Aldo's sign. I got excited. I had forgotten there was an Aldo there. And they were having a 50% off the sale price. So did Smart Set and Reitman's! The supposedly in and out trip to Mexx ended up to be a few hours in a lot of outlet stores. Sofia had a long nap in her stroller so we didn't want to interrupt that by leaving the mall. Talk about an excuse to shop longer. Oh yeah, Chinook Mall? Nope we never made it there hahahaha...

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